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A holistic guide to planning, preparing and enjoying your food while learning, making room and detoxing your day-to-day environment.

The path to a lifestyle of wellness takes practice.

Be Nourished
eBook Be Nourished

This program is designed as a comprehensive introduction to Eating Well. It is designed to create lasting changes in your overall wellness. Unlike a typical diet where you follow a preconceived plan and mindlessly adhere until you break the rules and give up, the Be Nourished Plan guides you to eat really well, with focus, intention
and a challenging request to find the time to care for the most essential person in your life…

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What You Need To Know

The intention of this plan is to have you grow in that self-care ability. The menus, shopping
lists, activities and lessons are laid out to be digested and implemented to your best ability.

 Is this an all or nothing plan?

No. This plan is intended to stretch you. Allow a bit of discomfort in incorporating at least
one of the recipes, education or activities on each of the 21-days. You can always come back
and follow the program again and get something new on subsequent adventures into
wellness. This plan is not about getting it right. It is about making lasting change that will
fortify you to take care of yourself, even in life ‘ s most difficult times.
Take your time. Read the materials for each day. Find inspiration in each action you take that
allows you to grow closer in your relationship with yourself and connect more deeply with
the desire and need to honor your body, mind and spirit and care for them accordingly.

Is this a weight loss plan?

No. This plan is a lifestyle transformation. You may lose weight if you have inflammation or
currently are not mindful and intuitive when nourishing yourself, this is not a guarantee or a
purpose in this plan. How much you weigh does not determine your health. Your health
depends on how much attention you give to nourishing yourself. Dieting is a practice for
those who believe there is something wrong with them. It fuels the argument that you can
always be better, thinner, more beautiful, more disciplined, etc. It fuels the thought that you
are not enough as you are.

This plan speaks to your wholeness.

Just like the whole food you are about to indulge in for
three weeks, there is nothing missing that you need to be your best self. You just need to
clear out what is in the way of you seeing and believing that.
Honor that and your attitude will transform too.

  • NOTE: The plan is vegan.   This is not to say that vegan is the way to go to be healthy.  It was created as such as EVERYONE is vegan.  Some people eat me.  If you want to substitute animal proteins for the complete vegan proteins in these recipes, go ahead.  Just choose organic poultry, eggs and wild caught fish.  Please avoid red meat, pork, deli meats and dairy as these foods are inflammatory to the system.

What you get

  • Shopping lists
  • Daily recipes
  • Daily Nutrition Education
  • Daily Activities to create a healthy, supportive environment
  • Daily Suggestions to create holistic balance and wellness beyond food
Always here to help and inspireRachel Harvest
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Fantastic personality. Very professional. I would highly recommend.

Naomi C.

Rachel is an excellent food coach. She knows her stuff and wants to help.

Anantshree C.

Very very insightful and I appreciated that she was compassionate towards my eating and was not judgmental. Highly recommend.

Alex C.
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