My take on Little Spoon vs Yumi

feeding your baby

Every new parent wants to be the best parent.  There is more than enough pressure as to what that looks like.  From relatives, social media feeds, magazine articles and products available, knowing what you truly need (and can afford) and what you might just need to get closer to that perfection is difficult to decipher.

One necessary component to being a great parent that your child definitely needs is proper nutrition.

There are innumerable baby food brands on the market.  There are just as many supermom groups that insist that making your own baby food is best.  What new mom has time and energy to make baby food on top of all the other things she has to do to keep that baby happy, safe and healthy?

Luckily, just like for busy adults like you and I, there are baby food delivery services that do that “homemade” baby food job for you.  I took a test drive with two of the most popular baby food delivery companies – Yumi and Little Spoon.

I have to say that both companies are doing an excellent job creating developmental stage and nutritionally appropriate blends.  Both are organic, gluten, dairy, preservative, GMO and added sugar-free and cautious to test for heavy metals (unlike MOST major label and jarred baby foods).  Both provide blends that introduce baby to all sorts of flavors and combinations.  Both companies really care about your baby’s health and needs for healthy brains, skin, eyes and all their little parts.  Yumi offers weekly delivery, which puts less food in the refrigerator and less possible time-related waste.

For the first few months of new foods and learning, Little Spoon, however, takes first place.

Little Spoon is like a perfect first food coach.  Their customer service is fantastic, caring deeply about you as the customer and your child as the learning, growing, eager to experience little one he or she can be.  Little Spoon offers a wider assortment of purees, has a line of clean vitamins and natural remedies to help tackle nutritional deficiencies AND just launched their line of toddler and kid’s meals.  They take into account your child’s allergies but, otherwise, they blend it all up in ways that ensure your child will gradually adjust to being open to the adventure of eating.  How?

They choose the menu for you.

You have less opportunity to “give in” and let junior stay in that banana and squash food jag for months.  This might sound controlling (and you can always pick your own if you prefer), but it is really important to know that babies take a bit of time to warm up to new foods.  They have only tried breast or bottle pre-first foods so they only understand sweet.

Vegetables are bitter, different textures make them work their mouths differently.  Patience and persistence is necessary to have a baby feel confident to try.

Little Spoon blends vegetables, fruits and healthy fats to provide flavor profiles that have just enough sweet to catch baby’s familiar connection and pair it with those pesky vegetables kids have a tough time being brave enough to try, much less like.  If baby does not seem to like something, there is no option to send it back to the kitchen as Little Spoon does not refund.  You will, simply, try again later.  This teaches mom/caregiver proper skills for food introduction.  She provides what, baby learns to agree or refuse and how much, over time.

They get it all right.

Their ingredients and recipes are highly transparent and accompanied by nutrition labels that even indicate what the particular blend supports in growth (eyes, digestion, bones, etc).  Pediatricians and Dietitians weigh in heavily on what’s served.  Little Spoon is up-to-date with nutrition science and the ever improving world of wellness.

It’s affordable.

Yumi is a much more expensive option with an average cost of $5/meal. Little Spoon averages at $3/meal.  Considering the number to feedings and the needs of your child and, of course, the first food dance to get baby to participate, that extra $2/meal can mean a LOT of savings, without skimping on quality or fulfillment of your child’s needs.

Until recently, Yumi was the only to offer staged foods for transitioning to toddler and preschooler.  Now, Little Spoon offers a real opportunity to grow with the company— their toddler & kid’s meals offer perfect transition finger foods and can make Little Spoon a staple go-to for high quality, clean and nutritious food well into your child’s big kid years.

The foodie in me certainly indulged along side the little one I tried these foods with and I was so excited, myself, to try all of these wonderful options.  An open and adventurous eater is set up to be open and adventurous to life.  Feeding your baby is the perfect way to develop these qualities.
For these reasons, I recommend Little Spoon as your healthy, open and adventurous eater’s first foods.