Life Coaching
Heal, Grow & Succeed

Life Coaching

Find support to heal, grow, achieve and succeed while living a physically, mentally and emotionally balanced life.

You have your own path.  It takes courage to choose to live a life that is true to you.

You have goals and aspirations.  You also have needs to be met and desires to fulfill.

There are seven major areas of life.  In order to experience confidence and trust in the process of living, each area needs to be attended and cultivated.

The seven areas of life include:

  1. Physical Well-Being
  2. Emotional Well-Being
  3. Mental Health
  4. Relationships
  5. Career
  6. Finances
  7. Spirituality

Life coaching takes one area of focus and utilizes it as the grounds for healing and growth that can be applied to all areas.  Many of my clients want to take better care of their bodies and be more connected to themselves, their surroundings and their daily lives.

  • He may want to relieve anxiety and heal old wounds.
  • She may want to lose weight, feel stronger or more comfortable in her body.
  • He may want to be more confident and trusting in his choices.
  • She may want to believe she can achieve her dreams.

Through focus on physical well-being, emotional well-being or mental health, things start to move in relationships, career, financial life, connection to purpose and capacity to create.

Goals are aspirations that allow you to experience yourself and your life while feeling a certain way – be it happy, energized, inspired, loved, etc. Creating goals that transform your experience inspires you to get moving in the direction of your (very achievable) dreams. Confidence is the first step in you loosening the reigns on yourself and being a more relaxed, happy person.

My coaching provides that support.

Some other benefits of life coaching

  • Straightforward and honest guidance.
  • Training to observe and make connections between your beliefs, thoughts/words and your behavior/actions.
  • Accountability to keep you aligned with the goals you set for yourself.
  • Re-parenting and mentorship to shift your relationship with yourself from critical to supportive.
  • Consistent refocusing towards why you are doing what you are doing to improve yourself and your life.
  • Skillsets to connect to your individual needs, wants and desires.
  • Learning to reference and trust yourself instead of looking for answers from your environment.
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I've made a seismic shift in my life, never been happier and really am looking to keep it up/take it a step further.

John M, Tech Securities Sales

Rachel is incredibly personable and is committed to helping her clients overcome the darkness in their life and learn to let the light shine through.

Nicole C, Teacher

Rachel has great interpersonal skills, including a wonderful sense of humor.

Susan M, Corporate Deputy General Counsel

Life coaching helps you see, with the support of a fresh, unattached set of eyes, how you get in your own way.  This support has you be honest with yourself and uncover whatever blocks you have in the way of achieving your goals.  It helps you challenge yourself.  It keeps what you want and need fresh and keeps you from making all the excuses that stopped you before.

It helps you keep your word and your eye on the prize until those amazing goals you have set for yourself are yours, you truly feel the way you want to feel and you experience yourself and your life as you have dreamed.

I see you. All my love, Rachel Harvest
Heal, Grow & Succeed.
Let me guide you on your way.