Nutrition Therapy
Health & Longevity Through Functional Nutrition

Nutrition Therapy

Find support with your struggles with food.  That could mean disordered eating.  It could also mean disregarding or forgetting about this very basic, foundational need.  Health and longevity require proper nutrition.  Being nourished includes adequate nutrients, sleep, exercise, self-care, mindset and boundaries.  Learn how to better nourish yourself and heal your relationship with food.

Heal your body and your relationship with food.  Cultivate balance and confidence in your self-care.

There is extensive information about proper nutrition, diet, “ideal” body weight and life-hacks to try and beat the odds against weight gain, disease and aging. 

The majority of this information is ill-informed, confusing and contradictory.

Remember that you are in a consumerist culture and everyone is selling you something.  The less at ease you are, the more you feel like you need to fix.  This is what that information feeds off of, the pain point that there is something wrong with you.

What is wrong is thinking that there is something wrong.

No matter what you’ve got on your proverbial plate, you are whole and complete. 

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Here's What Clients Are Saying...

Her attention to detail and ability to coach her clients is unparalleled. She knows how to coach for results across a wide range of ability.

Alison RP, Vice President, Chief HR Officer

She’s great. Keeps it super real yet is very empathetic and understanding.

Juliana E, Finance

Her ability to help gently guide me towards feeding myself with self love and genuine acceptance is remarkable. I have experienced true freedom from disordered and confused eating.

Jen U, Musician

The work we do around nutrition and diet does include nutrition education, tailored to you, the individual you are, with a body and a history of experience comparable to no one else.  The true work, however, is in coaching you to shift your focus to taking care of and respecting yourself and your body. 

A great deal of your relationship with food stems from how you relate to yourself, your stress, your emotional well-being, your needs and your boundaries.

Working with your life situation and commitments, we design behavioral shifts that you will practice and have support with, continuously, during our time together.  The four pillars of The Harvest Method and the language of Project: Love, Me are the fortification you need to trust yourself to honor what you need. 

There is no obstacle large enough to negate your need to take care of you.  How will you be available for all the amazing things you do for others and the world if you are not taken care of, yourself?

Each client has different needs.  I will get a full picture of your individual case in the first few sessions.  Thereafter, I am your accountability buddy and your personal coach.  I am the voice in your ear about what really matters – you.

I see you. All my love, Rachel Harvest
Heal, Grow & Succeed.
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