Pilates Apparatus

Pilates Apparatus

Know your body.  It is your home.  Give it the love and care it deserves.

Pilates was my cross training when I was a ballerina. It helped me learn what muscles I was using & not using, improved my technique by making me anatomically aware & prevented injuries while giving me that long lean solid strength that’s my MO still. I got certified to teach when I moved to NYC in 2006.

Since then, I’ve trained hundreds of people, all ages, shapes and physical fitness levels, to achieve their greatest connection to their physical bodies and go back out into the world feeling long, lean, solid and centered.

Pilates is a regimented, precise, therapeutic training for proper usage of the body.  Using spring-weighted, resistance straps and various props, clients experience deep, core-focused work that lengthens the spine and improves posture, mobility and strength.

Specific choreography and focused breath combine to create a flow that conditions all parts of the body in 55 minutes!

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Here's What Clients Are Saying...

Rachel is your co-pilot on the journey—fact-checking your learned ways of thinking, asking poignant questions that help you to actually learn to listen to yourself, steering you back on track when you drift away from honoring your true needs and desires, and empowering you with the ability to do all that for yourself.

Mary C, Dancer/Student

Rachel looks into the subconscious and awakens to our individual sensitivities as human beings.

Kelly A, Nutritionist/Pilates Instructor

Her ability to help gently guide me towards feeding myself with self love and genuine acceptance is remarkable.

Jen U, Musician
I See You. All My Love, Rachel Harvest
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