The Harvest Method

The Harvest Method

Delve into my holistic approach to better self-care built around a Four Pillar philosophy of empowerment.



The Harvest Method is my style of coaching.

It is designed to encourage incremental shifts utilizing 4 pillars of focus: self-knowledge, self-care, self-trust & self-respect.  Through one-on-one coaching, I support your healing and growth.  You choose your area of focus and we build from there.  We use a collection of tools and techniques to encourage awareness, healing, growth and success.

Benefits of The Harvest Method

In addition to healing and growing in your focused area, you will improve in the following…

Stress and Anxiety Management

  • Find your rhythm.
  • Learn to surf emotional waves and to tolerate the stressors of life confidently.
  • Become skilled in recognizing and moving through emotions and returning to the present moment.
  • Heal old wounds, conditioning and perfectionistic tendencies.

Work/Life Balance

  • Achieve with ease while continuously having your needs met.
  • Bring who you are to all you do.
  • Connect with yourself to find inspiration and resilience.
  • Accomplish, grow and receive acknowledgement.

Successful Relationships

  • Create professional and personal relationship dynamics that are founded in respect and love.
  • Receive the support you need to succeed and grow.
  • Set boundaries readily and easily.
  • Develop trust.

Strong Sense of Self

  • Improve your self-worth and confidence.
  • Build courage to create your own path.
Your Journey Awaits. All my love, Rachel Harvest
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Discover The Four Pillars

Self-Knowledge, Self-Respect, Self-Trust and Self-Care are the cornerstones of growth and success.  Each plays an incremental part in your awareness, healing and confidence.  The deeper you go, the stronger your foundation.


Self-knowledge is the direct connection you have to your feelings, thoughts and the actions they produce. 

Explore your Self-Knowledge. Ask yourself these 6 Questions Questions.

Reflect on these 6 questions to explore where you stand with your Self-Knowledge and where you can find growth...

  1. Who am I?
  2. What Do I Value?
  3. What Do I Need?
  4. What Are My Strengths?
  5. What Are My Vulnerabilities?
  6. What Do I Believe?

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Self Respect
02.Self Respect

Self-respect is the direct connection to your valuation of yourself, how strong your understanding of your needs and personal values and the boundaries that are necessary to uphold that value. 

Explore your Self-Respect. Ask yourself these 10 Questions Questions.

Reflect on these 10 questions to explore where you stand with your Self-Respect and where you can find growth...

  1. Do i seek external opinions, input and positive feedback from others to establish my own confidence?
  2. Do i feel confident in who i am?

  3. Am i unhappy with who i am?
  4. Do i often feel compelled to prove my worth to others?
  5. Do i put others down or dominate to feel better about myself?
  6. Do i gossip?

  7. Do i have standards for myself to determine my value?
  8. Are the standards i have for myself appearance or achievement-based?

  9. Do i fixate on my appearance and how i present myself?
  10. Is there something about myself that i continuously judge and/or try to fix?

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Self-trust is the direct connection to your understanding of who and where you want to be, what you want to do and what you’ve deemed your purpose. with ample self-trust, second-guessing yourself, simply, does not come into play. 

Explore your Self-Trust. Ask yourself these 11 Questions Questions.

Reflect on these 11 questions to explore where you stand with your Self-Trust and where you can find growth...

  1. Is making decisions a difficult process for me?
  2. Do i wait for others to make a move or share their opinion before doing so myself?

  3. Do i believe there is something wrong, missing or broken about me?
  4. If the common belief is "it cannot be done", do i agree and stop myself?
  5. Do i fear obstacles of any kind?
  6. Do i believe i cannot do, be or have something because others told me that i cannot?
  7. Do i avoid challenging the status quo?
  8. Do i make excuses?
  9. Do i believe i am not good enough or capable of having what i value and dream of having?

  10. Do i worry that others may find out that i am not good enough, do not have enough experience or have problems or negative qualities?
  11. Do i shape-shift to get what i want?

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Self-care is your direct connection to how you attend to your own needs, questions, emotions and values. it deepens your strength to grow and gives you the fuel to do what needs to be done.

Explore your Self-Care. Ask yourself these 12 Questions Questions.

Reflect on these 12 questions to explore where you stand with your Self-Care and where you can find growth...

  1. Do i regularly put my work ahead of sleep, eating or family/friends?
  2. Do i miss meals?
  3. Do i believe others' needs, my career or my commitments are more important than i am?
  4. Am i over or under-weight?
  5. Do i have a regular exercise routine, at least 3 times each week?
  6. Do i make time for play?
  7. Do i consistently put others' needs ahead of my own?
  8. Are my pleasures only related to my successes or what i do for others?
  9. Do i have coping mechanisms that are not nurturing or nourishing?
  10. Do i use substances, spend money or engage in unhealthy relationships and behaviors to numb and distract myself?
  11. Do i believe in seeking professional support from counselors or coaches if i have personal issues?
  12. Do i believe in any kind of higher power?

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Experience The Harvest Method With One-On-One Coaching